Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pantone colors of the year! (& bedroom redo....!!)

So, here's my very first OlioBoard!  When we moved, I decided I wanted to do gray walls in the bedroom...and probably stick with white bedding because I just love how it looks.  Annndddd.... Then I was stuck :)  I was thinking pops of bright yellow, then some navy and turquoise.... Then I decided I change my mind too much :)
THEN the Pantone colors of 2011 came out... and what did I see?? Silver Peony!!!!! And I fell in love.  You know how much I love anything "peony" (hence the middle dachshund, Peonie) and this color is divine.  I created the Olio to see what it would all look like, kinda.  I mean, the bed resembles the one we actually have and we don't have a zebra footstool, BUT we do have a zebra chair :)
There are two sets of bedding because I like to layer and mix and match.  And two different bedside tables because I like both shapes and the ones we end up with probably won't match...but one won't be mirrored while the other is white... they will be the same color :)  I stumbled upon the tree curtains and added those just for C, he loves loves loves naked trees.. I know, he's a strange one ;)

I'm excited to get started on this...right after the new year, lol!  I'll let you know how it goes!
and for your viewing pleasure, here are the Pantone colors of 2011!!
Gorgeous right?!  

Here is some more eye candy, of Pantone hard at work in home design:
Have a great, colorful day!!

(via Interior Design)

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(via Eclectic Design)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Minimal Fall Decor~

As I said yesterday, we just moved... as in, nothing is hung on the walls, still half living out of boxes, you know.. the fun stuff. 
When I was moving, I was talking to Mom saying "Instead of pulling all these fall decorations back out, and since I'm missing a mantel, maybe I'll just put Christmas up....." she talked me out of it, saying I need to wait because I might get sick of it before Christmas comes!  So, I did.  I waited.  I put up some (very little in comparison to my all-out, too much personality :) ).  And here are the pictures~
Entryway table

My $5 pumpkin from Big Lots, atop a glass hurricane ($1! I have, oh, about 25 of these hangin' out around here~) with part of the branches I glued fall leaves too.

Side table in living room~ As you can see, there's a mirror sitting on the floor.... and nothing else happening in this picture.  Told ya, livin' out of boxes! :) Both of these candleholders were made from $1 hurricanes and thrift store candlesticks.  The $2 pumpkin (Michael's) is on top of a thrift store candle stick.  As you can see, all three candlesticks are of different finishes... I love to mix!

Sorry for the lighting here, I have to change that out~
This is on the door to my super cute, to be revealed later, office. You might remember this fabulous feather wreath from my Fall Mantel.  It was hanging in front of the mirror.

Well, That's it for my fall decor!  Wait til you see Christmas! I'm excited!! Happy Painting~

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What's been happening around here...?!

Wellllll.... it's been over a month!  SORRY!!  Here's whats been happening with me... We moved!! Yay for new spaces, saving money, and more decorating!!!!

Here's what I'm working on to show y'all~

Wait til you see what I do with these!!!! I'm so excited, I can hardly wait to show you!

This is in my closet... Just imagine the walls painted, the dresser refinished, papered...something!, and the mirror hung....  ahhhh  I can just see it now~



It gets better

Remember this beauty from a couple of months back?  Well, imagine this some fabulous, bright color, with white light light bulbs.... Hanging in my gorge, girly closet~  I will be in LOVE!  Can't wait!

Ok, I'm off to...guess what.... Paint!!!

Happy Painting to y'all!  :) :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Update: New Mantel.... Again!!

Yesterday Mom came over to Gainesville to do a little junkin'.  I wasn't feeling well, but we found cute stuff anyway!  While we were talking, I brought up my mantel dilemma that I talked about on Thursday... You know, wanting some Drama up there.  She said "what if you paint it black?" I instantly said "Yes!!"  So.... Thats what I did yesterday afternoon.  I used high gloss black paint (that, by the way, was free! It was left in the garage by our landlord... I used it in the master bathroom too, for trim! More on that later :) )  

And...... Here it is! Again.  :)  I'm sure there will be more changes... but not for a while~  

Happy painting!!~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hey y'all!! So for the last week and a half, or so, I've been working on my fall mantle.... It is of course going to be tweaked until it's time to put up the winter/Christmas mantle! Anyway~
So, here's what I started with (now remember, this was thrown together about a week after we moved in with just whatever was lying around the house :) next summer's will be MUCH better!!)...
It's pretty much your basic wood mantle-over-a-brick-fireplace :)
I have been thinking about painting the bricks, but since we're renting, I don't know about that! But I REALLY want to!! **We'll see if Corey agrees with me in time for Christmas** :) :) :)
The pictures on either side of the mirror came from K-mart if you can believe it, for maybe $2 a piece, they might have even been only $1!! They used to hang in the stairwell in an our old townhouse. The mirror came from Homegoods a few years back for $15. The rest was just other odds and ends that didn't have a home yet!

Oh, and disclaimer time: Sorry for the picture quality and all that jazz~ I have just a standard ol' digital camera for the next few weeks... I'm researching DSLRs and stalking stores and websites to find a good deal! However, I read an old post from Centsational Girl about the photo editing software Picasa... so I downloaded it and am trying it! We'll see how it goes. I do have iPhoto, but it doesn't upload directly to blogger like picasa :) So again, bare with my as I tryout my editing and picture taking skills!

And here's what it looked like for a few days....
The sticks came out of my yard.  Corey did some yardwork and was going to put these out for the trashpeople!! I stopped him, because look how fabulous they look! Such potential! PS--these are some of the same sticks that I have used in my master bedroom :D don't be afraid to root around in your yard for free decor!!  

And here is what it looks like today:   I think it still needs something behind it all.  Maybe some sort of paint treatment in the same color as my bedroom? (a greyish-bluish sort of something :) ).... hmmm... I don't know!! Thoughts?

    (also, my walls are a  light aqua color.  I can't remember the name right now, artic something by behr.  I'll look it up.  But it's not as light as it looks!)

<~ My stick transformation! I glued fall leaves from Michael's ($4.99 for LOTS!) with E6000 glue :) Cute right?!

This wreath is hung from one of those 3M hooks that you can remove and it doesn't cause any damage.  It's one that has a wire hook on it though, not a plastic one, and its stuck into the foam :)                            ~>

So the hurricane vignette... Let me just tell you~ Those are $.49 brass candlesticks from Goodwill! Yes, you read correctly.  49 CENTS!!! and $1 hurricanes from the dollar store glued together with some trusty ol' E6000!!!!  I then just took two white pillars that I had laying around and stuck 'em in there with some of those leaves from Michael's and some cinnamon scented mini pinecones in the other.  The hurricane behind those is of similar fashion...It's some sort of metal candlestick from a thriftstore with the same type of hurricane glued on.  I have a collection of wine corks, so I thought they'd be fall-y up there :) 

Then the picture next door has not been retouched AT ALL!! (actually, to be honest, the only ones that were were the very first one and the close up of the wreath).  Aren't the colors gorge?!
Anywho~ That's my mantle for the moment.  What do ya think?  It needs something.... and it's definitely getting a fresh coat of white paint soon, I'm just not sure what else yet!

Hopefully I'll work some more on my bedroom this weekend and share that with y'all! In the meantime, I'll put up some of the other mini-projects I've been working on =)
Happy painting!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The $2 Hutch Cont.

So, I finished painting the little hutch, and then distressed it a bit---although now I am thinking of covering up the distressing---and had Karl hand it on the wall for me over the little white chest of drawers that my SIL gave to me. I put about 100 things in the hitch, and still am not satisfied, but for the purpose of this picture, I put my pieces of Ironstone inside. I did not even realize I owned any Ironstone until I read Miss Mustard Seed's post this morning.

I know over the next week or two I will change the look of this sweet little hutch several times, so once I settle on the "fall" look I will take another photo.

Thanks for stopping by---
Oh yeah, this weekend I will be shopping in Savannah, so Monday I look forward to sharing my finds with you!
Have a great weekend,

Monday, September 13, 2010

Good Morning!

Hello blogland!
Since this blog was my idea, I thought I would stop in and say hi.....Just recently my daughters, son and I have discovered the world of thrifting. It wasn't anything that ever interested any of us before. After scouring the web for interesting blogs to read (because I had been hooked on fabric blogs for 2 years. They were the only ones I ever read, the only ones I even knew existed!) I finally searched one day for decorating blogs, and was overwhelmed. The ones that most appealed to me were the ones who used many vintage and second hand items. Their rooms truly were unique. I mean, really, anyone can call up Pottery Barn (and I do love you, Pottery Barn) and order $7500 worth of stuff and call their room gorgeous. And it would be. But what is the fun in that? Using vintage items makes every room extremely personal. No two are alike.

So, one early Saturday morning Ashlie convinced me to come to her neck of the woods and go garage saling. Truthfully, I felt a little funny. What if I didn't like anything that people were selling. Wouldn't I feel bad leaving a sale without a single purchase? Would I feel like a second-class citizen looking through other peoples junk? I was skeptical at best. So, the first one or two sales, I did feel a little anxious.....but I quickly got over it, and we had a blast! Did I feel bad when they didn't have anything I wanted, heck no! And, did I feel like a second class citizen, Heaven's NO! We were having a grand time. So the first ever garage sale excusion was awesome. That day I spent probably $80, and we had my husband's truck slam full! I bought a dresser for Hunter's room, I bought a Thomasville sofa table (which I painted white and distressed for the summer, and now have painted it black for fall and winter----because with a $20 table you can do all that to it and not think twice!) and we bought so much other stuff, it was a riot. We were hooked.

That is when I decided we should start writing about our little escapades. Write about the thrill of the hunt. Some Saturdays we load up, sometimes we don't. This past Saturday I went out early all by myself, I spent less than $20, and again loaded up with some cool things. One of those purchases was this solid wood hutch--$2. I knew I had the perfect place for it when I saw it...I also knew it would have to be painted white and distressed just a bit....this is a pic of the work in progress, I hope to have it finished and hung in its place this afternoon.

What about you, do you love to garage sale? Have you found a fabulous thrift store? Leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you!

Have a great week!