Monday, September 13, 2010

Good Morning!

Hello blogland!
Since this blog was my idea, I thought I would stop in and say hi.....Just recently my daughters, son and I have discovered the world of thrifting. It wasn't anything that ever interested any of us before. After scouring the web for interesting blogs to read (because I had been hooked on fabric blogs for 2 years. They were the only ones I ever read, the only ones I even knew existed!) I finally searched one day for decorating blogs, and was overwhelmed. The ones that most appealed to me were the ones who used many vintage and second hand items. Their rooms truly were unique. I mean, really, anyone can call up Pottery Barn (and I do love you, Pottery Barn) and order $7500 worth of stuff and call their room gorgeous. And it would be. But what is the fun in that? Using vintage items makes every room extremely personal. No two are alike.

So, one early Saturday morning Ashlie convinced me to come to her neck of the woods and go garage saling. Truthfully, I felt a little funny. What if I didn't like anything that people were selling. Wouldn't I feel bad leaving a sale without a single purchase? Would I feel like a second-class citizen looking through other peoples junk? I was skeptical at best. So, the first one or two sales, I did feel a little anxious.....but I quickly got over it, and we had a blast! Did I feel bad when they didn't have anything I wanted, heck no! And, did I feel like a second class citizen, Heaven's NO! We were having a grand time. So the first ever garage sale excusion was awesome. That day I spent probably $80, and we had my husband's truck slam full! I bought a dresser for Hunter's room, I bought a Thomasville sofa table (which I painted white and distressed for the summer, and now have painted it black for fall and winter----because with a $20 table you can do all that to it and not think twice!) and we bought so much other stuff, it was a riot. We were hooked.

That is when I decided we should start writing about our little escapades. Write about the thrill of the hunt. Some Saturdays we load up, sometimes we don't. This past Saturday I went out early all by myself, I spent less than $20, and again loaded up with some cool things. One of those purchases was this solid wood hutch--$2. I knew I had the perfect place for it when I saw it...I also knew it would have to be painted white and distressed just a bit....this is a pic of the work in progress, I hope to have it finished and hung in its place this afternoon.

What about you, do you love to garage sale? Have you found a fabulous thrift store? Leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you!

Have a great week!

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