Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pantone colors of the year! (& bedroom redo....!!)

So, here's my very first OlioBoard!  When we moved, I decided I wanted to do gray walls in the bedroom...and probably stick with white bedding because I just love how it looks.  Annndddd.... Then I was stuck :)  I was thinking pops of bright yellow, then some navy and turquoise.... Then I decided I change my mind too much :)
THEN the Pantone colors of 2011 came out... and what did I see?? Silver Peony!!!!! And I fell in love.  You know how much I love anything "peony" (hence the middle dachshund, Peonie) and this color is divine.  I created the Olio to see what it would all look like, kinda.  I mean, the bed resembles the one we actually have and we don't have a zebra footstool, BUT we do have a zebra chair :)
There are two sets of bedding because I like to layer and mix and match.  And two different bedside tables because I like both shapes and the ones we end up with probably won't match...but one won't be mirrored while the other is white... they will be the same color :)  I stumbled upon the tree curtains and added those just for C, he loves loves loves naked trees.. I know, he's a strange one ;)

I'm excited to get started on this...right after the new year, lol!  I'll let you know how it goes!
and for your viewing pleasure, here are the Pantone colors of 2011!!
Gorgeous right?!  

Here is some more eye candy, of Pantone hard at work in home design:
Have a great, colorful day!!

(via Interior Design)

(via HGTV)

(via Eclectic Design)

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