Sunday, September 26, 2010

Update: New Mantel.... Again!!

Yesterday Mom came over to Gainesville to do a little junkin'.  I wasn't feeling well, but we found cute stuff anyway!  While we were talking, I brought up my mantel dilemma that I talked about on Thursday... You know, wanting some Drama up there.  She said "what if you paint it black?" I instantly said "Yes!!"  So.... Thats what I did yesterday afternoon.  I used high gloss black paint (that, by the way, was free! It was left in the garage by our landlord... I used it in the master bathroom too, for trim! More on that later :) )  

And...... Here it is! Again.  :)  I'm sure there will be more changes... but not for a while~  

Happy painting!!~


  1. It looks so great in black. What a statement it makes now! Your fall decor looks really pretty too.

  2. Perfect, Ash!!! And I love the pumpkin on the mantle. The black is just awesome!!! xo