Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Minimal Fall Decor~

As I said yesterday, we just moved... as in, nothing is hung on the walls, still half living out of boxes, you know.. the fun stuff. 
When I was moving, I was talking to Mom saying "Instead of pulling all these fall decorations back out, and since I'm missing a mantel, maybe I'll just put Christmas up....." she talked me out of it, saying I need to wait because I might get sick of it before Christmas comes!  So, I did.  I waited.  I put up some (very little in comparison to my all-out, too much personality :) ).  And here are the pictures~
Entryway table

My $5 pumpkin from Big Lots, atop a glass hurricane ($1! I have, oh, about 25 of these hangin' out around here~) with part of the branches I glued fall leaves too.

Side table in living room~ As you can see, there's a mirror sitting on the floor.... and nothing else happening in this picture.  Told ya, livin' out of boxes! :) Both of these candleholders were made from $1 hurricanes and thrift store candlesticks.  The $2 pumpkin (Michael's) is on top of a thrift store candle stick.  As you can see, all three candlesticks are of different finishes... I love to mix!

Sorry for the lighting here, I have to change that out~
This is on the door to my super cute, to be revealed later, office. You might remember this fabulous feather wreath from my Fall Mantel.  It was hanging in front of the mirror.

Well, That's it for my fall decor!  Wait til you see Christmas! I'm excited!! Happy Painting~

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