Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bedroom, Part 2!

Well, since we last spoke I've added some style to my newly-dark bedroom! :)
First I thought I'd share some of my inspiration for this room....
I happened to see this blog because Mom sent it to me to show me all of her blue & white decorations, since that's what Mom's house is. I journeyed through some of the older posts and have looked at almost every day since... I LOVE her stuff!! The name of the blog is "Focal Point" <~click to visit =) I highly encourage to scroll through & go several pages back. It is fabulous. Anyway, here are two pictures that I loved and that inspired me~
I love all the frames and mirrors and layers and contrast of light and dark... Just love!

Same with this one... I also love the lines, the branches, the perspective.. again, just love it all!
So armed with these, my previous ideas I had, and my dark painted walls, I went to town!
My mom and I bought a mirror at the Habitat for Humanity thrift store a month ago for $5 and I knew it was going in my bedroom, it just needed a makeover....


After! (and in the room)

Great what a little white paint and Windex will do! While this mirror isn't normally my style, I liked that it would feel whimsical and add something almost playful to these dark walls. It turned out to be a nice contrast to the straight lines and played off the curves of the bed.

So, here's another sneak peek of the room~ Sorry for all the teasers ;) Ok. I'm not really lol. That little table with stripes is a current project. When I first got it (for $5, from CraigsList), it was laminated particle board... yuck! But cute.. just wait until it's done!!

Ok, here's the duvet, shams, sheets, etc I NEED!!! I posted it on Facebook one day in hopes Corey would see it and get it :) No such luck... However, I happen to agree with him that $228 for a duvet cover it a little expensive... Praying for an Anthropoligie sale soon!!

It doesn't show well in this picture but it's called "Love Letters". It looks like letters all placed haphazardly, overlapping each other...all kinds of writing, stamps ... OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have to have it...and I will, one day.... Until then, it's all white bedding (I know, I know--with 3 dogs.. crazy!) with a few black and white pillows.
Well, the Gators won today!!! After giving me only a couple minor heartaches. And tomorrow I have several projects I want to work on, I'll be sure to take pictures and share! Until then, Happy Painting!

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