Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bedroom (re)decorating!

Before we (Corey & I...and the 3 P's) moved into the house, I had our bedroom allllll decorated in my mind. All white bedding, gray walls, with pops of a melon-y orange-y yellow sort of color :) We have a black traditional style bed... which I love, but didn't think would go well with our decor. We kept it.
I decided to paint the room, however, a light linen color because I found two gallons of the same paint in the "oops paint" section at Home Depot for $5 a gallon!!!! So I went with it...and it stayed that way for about, oh, 5 weeks. I HATED it!!!! I wanted Drama...Color...Something that screamed 'master bedroom of young fabulous couple' :) and that was NOT it.
So, what did I do? Went back to HD several times.... and last Friday, I found it!! It's called "black licorice" although I'm not sure which brand the color is supposed to be, it's Behr paint. We couldn't find the color in any of the color books. But for $5 a gallon, and I had a $5 gift card...$5 for a room redo! AWESOME!! And so I started. Here's a little preview of the 'new' master bedroom:

Sorry for the dark image, it was taken with my iPhone. I'll try not to do that anymore...because this doesn't do the real thing justice at all! Anyway, I'll also try to find a before and an 'I hate!' image! :)

The turquoise square is a left over from the light linen walls. I decided to do that so there was some interest on the wall... Corey actually was the one to say "I think you should leave it... it might look awesome" soooo.... I did. And it does look Fabulous! The letters, ps: from Kohls, for $3 a piece! I've had them for a few weeks, sitting in a chair, with no plans for them... until now.
Stay tuned to see what else I do with this room and also for the inspiration photos.
Until next time, Happy Painting!! :)

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